Life in Ocean

At the beginning of each year the children will discuss and formulate their own class rules based around the ethos of the school. These are agreed by us all and displayed.

We have a bell that each child takes in turns to have on their table. They can ring the bell up to three times a day whenever they like. At the sound of the bell everyone stops what they are doing to perform a short breathing exercise. This brings us back to the moment and promotes a sense of calm and mindfulness.

Every spring term in Ocean our topic is a class play. Without exception, the children always love this activity. The whole class gets involved in designing costumes, making scenery and, of course, the acting. We then perform the play in front of the school and parents. It is always a huge success and it is wonderful to watch the children develop their skills and grow in confidence.

We aim to keep our games programme varied and interesting providing a balance of team and individual activities. In Year 3 we introduce the children to tag rugby, and through the year we play football, cricket, athletics and offer a dance programme. In 2012 we ran our own Olympics programme for the whole school.