Life in Mountain

We start each day with a circle in which the children take turns to lead a brief meditation and give a blessing on “our class, our school and everyone, and …” – adding their own special individual wish each day. After lunch we have another class puja during which we might practice other meditation skills, breathing exercises or yoga, or discuss any issues arising within the group.

At the start of every year the children help to create their own class rules. These rules are underpinned by the five Buddhist precepts set out in the Ethos policy of the school. Disputes and disagreements are settled as quickly as possible, often by a whole group  discussion in which the children are often able to talk though and resolve their issues in a positive and supportive way. Transforming conflict in this way equips each child with the understanding that they will be heard, but that they also need to listen to the thoughts and feelings of others.

Our curriculum is topic based and wherever possible cross-curricular. We often sing numeracy, paint or eat science, and act out literacy, and work hard to deliver a balanced, inspiring and thought-provoking range of activities and learning for each child. We aim to enrich each half term topic with class trips or guest speakers. Weather permitting, we also try to explore, experience and learn from nature by visiting local wildlife areas such as Shoreham Beach or Stanmer Park.

We support each child’s interest in the world by a weekly visit to the local library. This enables them to explore a broader variety of reading material.