Life in Dragonfly

In Dragonfly (Reception Class) we begin each day with free choice learning. There are also adult led activities and self-directed play. We pay close attention to the teaching of phonics and numeracy.

After playtime we provide a healthy snack. This is an important time to develop social skills. The children eat together and help with setting up and clearing away.

We then have our daily puja (circle time) where the children sit quietly. We use this time to introduce the key elements of the school’s ethos such as ‘being kind and caring to others’.  We may begin with a chant or a relaxation session, after which the children are invited to talk about their feelings and they also begin to learn the important skill of listening to others.

The next session helps develop their learning using adult led activities and games. After lunch we have ‘quiet time’; this is when children read stories and each child gets time to read individually with the class teacher. In the afternoons there is free choice with other activities being offered. Children also have the opportunity to engage in activities such as French, music, yoga, dance, cooking, outdoor games and gardening.

We end the day with stories and singing, and talking about what the children have enjoyed and listen to children’s suggestions about what they would like to do the next school day.